Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday mood board.

This is the first of my weekly wish list,
mood boards,colour scheme and 
 generally a few must haves. 

                                                     image via  : 1

Ah the SWAN chair,but I have my 2 Paulistanos,
 I will control myself,the swan 
will be next years treat to myself.

The wall sconces and that solid coffee table 
I want now,but then I was also thinking of 
mobile coffee table option with wheels. ??Undecided !!

A great 'wheely' table option
I like this table it's a good space saver and
 you can move it around for extra flexibility. 


 Long skinny multi purpose table,
 half dining table, half work table.

I Saw it at a design studio 15 years ago 
and have been dying for one ever since.

WORK SPACE................
love  love the space above how dreamy it would be 
to have a space to paint. and if not then
maybe a something a little more contained.

COFFEE TABLES,POUFS and generally dual use pieces 


how serene !! 

bold graphic contrasting colours 
for floors and walls and a touch in the soft furnishings.

 The Parisienne/grain sack look appeares 
towards the end of this entry.



more with plumbing pipes this 
clothes rack.


GUBI'S  grasshopper 

 my all time fave, SERGE MOUILLE wall lamps + ceiling lamps 
                i think a little of this somewhere 

I can keep going with this inspiration board
 and I will !  More additions in a bit.


Friday, July 13, 2012


 How cool does this place look.
 It's that time of year again,when I seriously 
need to escape the mugginess of Mumbai's monsoon. 
I need a holiday,the outdoors fresh air and some great food. 

Until that happens I will just keep adding 
to my list of places to visit........... 

The Walrus and the Carpenter is definitely one of these 
places. Love the earthy simple decor, it looks casual 
with all the focus on fresh food
looks amazing !!! 


Friday, July 6, 2012

Thursday dinner

I finally did it.
one recipe from Nigella Bites and one from Gwyneth Paltrow's Notes from My kitchen Table.

both books are super easy to follow and have quick and easy recipes. Get them if you don't already have them.   

 from Nigella Bites:roasted bell peppers with feta parsley and almonds. 
The crispy potato cake I forgot to take a photo of was from Gwyneth Paltrows book. 

This chicken is one of my mums recipes.....!
Grilled chicken with burnt sage butter .

I also did a salmon Pasta and parsley mushrooms!