Thursday, April 19, 2012

Funny !!

by : dear blank please blank 

Love these 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Scorching April

 I've spent a day and a half at home in Pune, and I did not ever 
think I would want to head back to Mumbai in hurry. 
it is so so so hot here, that I am actually heading back early to beat this heat. 
Thinking cool thoughts dos'nt seem to work, 
however these beautiful images make me feel much better. 
 I hope you have a cool week. 

I just love this food styling and photography by Katie Quinn Davies

Batida de CafĂ© ~ Rum with iced coffee and Egg White
How amazing does this drink look - I am so going to try it !!

Bachelor Pad

I came across this apartment at sketch42blog and and just had to share it. 
It's a bachelor pad if you please. I just love the colors, the art, these amazing dining chairs and of course the lamp above the Tulip dining table.

a bold graphic wall, so simple yet so effective.............

 love these coffee tables , don't you ?

photos via 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

GUEST BLOG : Roman holiday

Pia my old school friend, has been travelling a lot (really a lot) and
posting some beautiful photographs on FB.
I figured it was time to share some of them here and she agreed, so here we go !!

beautiful,majestic,ancient,modern, hectic and bustling Rome through Pia's lense 

Work takes her all over the globe, although now she is so addicted to travelling
and photographing people and places that she makes it a point to 
visit at least one new place a year.

She lives in Amsterdam which, helps as it makes it much 
easier  to get to places. 

- Other than the obvious sites - walk, walk, walk where ever you can.

-  Don’t eat at any of the main street side safes but 
DO stop at these places for cafe/ aperitif during the day, or before dinner,
it’s fun - particularly the people-watching.

- Current favourite restaurant is  Giulio Passami L'olio 
(incredible and amazingly well priced wine selection)

- Osteria dell' Ingegno (the artichoke risotto is too die for, 
don’t be deceived by it’s unappetizing appearance.

- There's a little bar to the right of it that's a cute place to
 sit outside and have an aperitif, and you get a lovely 
view of the Temple of Hadrian at night.

-       Digestifs are very common in Rome - no wonder, 
given how much you eat - 
and I'd definitely recommend trying an amaro after dinner.